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Impactful Journeys for

Impactful Journeys for Entrepreneurial Spirits


External or internal challenges allow us to grow from them and to integrate and powerfully use our own facets that have so far received less attention. Executive Coaching accompanies this process. In this way, you gain more clarity, a deepened self-awareness and greater personal room for action.


A team building process for your leaders strengthens the collective pull in the desired direction. Establishing new patterns of interaction allows your team to address conflicts constructively and work together in a vibrant and cohesive way to move the organization forward together.


We live in constant change: Strategic realignment. More effective collaboration. More social responsibility. Processual support for the desired change helps you to deal with the challenges in a focused and conscious way, to develop answers together and to act accordingly.

“Whatever you can do, or imagine you can do, begin it.
Boldness carries genius, power and magic. Begin now!”

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

“Whatever you can do, or imagine you can do, begin it.
Boldness carries genius, power and magic. Begin now!”

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)



„It helped me a lot how clearly, distinctly and directly Simone addressed observations and things. I was able to accept this well because Simone is so warm-hearted and well-intentioned at the same time. The way of asking questions and the precise “digging deep” led me to real insights in a very short time. I have rarely experienced that before. And we laughed a lot, even though some of the topics were very serious. That helped me a lot to accept things as an opportunity for growth. Now my thoughts are in order in terms of my next step.“

Suleika Nouar
Managing Director, Prohyp GmbH

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„Simone helped us realize that we no longer all fit into the leadership team. The company has evolved and the demands on leadership have changed. This was a painful process that took a lot of thought and reflection, individually and as a team. From today’s perspective, looking at what we’ve gained in speed and alignment since that decision, it was exactly the right move.”“

Frank Moll
CEO, Tallence AG

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„Simone Brecht helped us to look at situations and deepen them, thus arriving at solutions that work across departments. In the process, I myself was able to build up more inner distance to certain people and topics and thus gained a broader scope for decision-making. The collaboration is characterized by appreciation and openness. I also found it an added value that Simone Brecht herself has operational experience in the line and can empathize well with challenging situations.“

Malte von Trotha
CFO, Wort und Bild Verlag

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